Thursday, June 9, 2011

View from the Field

Our cool April and May has suddenly blossomed into hazy, hot and humid, complete with thunder storms.

The plants have been waiting for some heat and sun. The summer crops are beginning to show some verdant growth. The greenhouses are filled with eager young seedlings ready for transplanting. We have been picking our Olympia cucumbers for about a week now and the hothouse tomato crop is coming close to fruit.

One drawback to the onslaught of the heat is many of the spring crops: spinach, early  lettuces,
arugula , mizuna and other greens tend to perform poorly, bolt to seed, or become bitter. These are cool loving crops which we may have to sacrifice until fall plantings. Mother nature will be making that executive decision, as always.

There is a lot of other activity on the farm this week. Twenty-eight new chicks, six ducklings and a few dozen turkey chicks are sharing our brooding room, although it is a bit like a junior-high school dance, the chicks on one side and the ducklings on the other. Seldom does a glance, chirp or quack pass between the clans.
We are also waist deep in our new "south" farm pond construction. It has been a long awaited rather messy ordeal that is finally beginning to take form. For any of you who thrill in watching BIG Tonka Toys play with soupy soil come down in the pit and play before we shut off the pumps and let it fill. We will be having future posts and photos to update you on our progress.

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  1. A garden is always a thing of beauty and usually only appreciated by those who are willing to invest the time, effort and sometimes $$ into it.
    I absolutely love your gardens and your farm looks fabulous. I don't know many who wouldn't long to have such a blessed life.
    I've been trying my hand at gardening and so far, I'm well pleased with the results. I can't wait to enjoy the benefits of eating something I've grown (organically) on my own. I'm enjoying the benefits of just being in the garden and working it, but actually being able to eat what one has grown is the best reward.
    I found your blog through Muffy's blog (Daily Prep).