Friday, April 20, 2012

Better All Natural Soil Through Leaf Composting

Soil needs to be enriched year after year when it is used for growing crops.  Many farms use fertilizer that comes from petrochemicals.  We instead use an approach that is both chemical free and nutrient rich. 

We use leaves that we get from local landscapers in the fall.  This also save our landfills and other dumping areas from having to absorb a lot more matter.

The leaves break down over the winter. 

The results is soil that is dark, light, and rich.
We have never used chemicals on these fields.


In fact, our soil has gained such a great reputation that many people are now buying it directly from us.  Here, Kingsley is loading a couple of yards to deliver.

For 25 years we have been using this leaf technique, and have added about three feet of humus rich soil to our farm as a result. This creates better fruits and vegetables that can be grown with less water and no chemicals.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Hatching

Spring is the time of year for hatching and our incubation of 40 chicks every 21 days is no exception.
Barred rock chick

Americauna chick

The girls introduce them to food and water.

There is hatching going on in the greenhouses as well, here is some lettuce plugs ready for transplanting.

Theses orange sweet peppers, seeded in January, will take many months of growing before we are able to pick any peppers.

Our Tomatoes, 860 under plastic, also seeded in January, should be ready early in June.