Friday, May 29, 2020

Reader Question: The Origins of Barberry Hill Farm (repost)

Kingsley's Uncle Bronson, at the Madison Beach Club location, 1910

Dear Kelly and Kingsley,
Every time I pick up my CSA, I wonder about the history of Barberry Hill Farm. How did it start?  Thanks, and I loved my share box!  

That's a great question.  Barberry Hill Farm has been in our family since it was built back in 1909.

Kingsley's great uncle, Henry Warren Goddard was a circuit court judge in New York City.  As a little boy, he and his five brothers and one sister had summered in Madison in the mid 1800's.

Just after the turn of the century, he bought this property, while his brother Ralph Goddard bought the property across the street.  They both built summer and weekend homes.   When Henry Warren Goddard died, Kingsley's father, Richard Mason Goddard Jr.. bought it from Henry's widow.

While it has been a gentleman's farm, Barberry Hill Farm was evolved into a working farm by Kingsley when his father died in 1987.

Here are some family photographs of the farm and Madison from the early days.   

Our Driveway
The Barns
The original caretaker who lived in the farmer's cottage.
The Farmer's Cottage
The Farm Dog
The Maid

Middle Beach Road

Kingsley's Father, A Great Fisherman

"The Kite"

"The Florence"

Kingsley's Grandfather and Great Uncle in "The Florence"

Picnicking on Tuxis Island

Enjoying Madison

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Spring presses on...

...and so do we.  Hang in there, Summer's coming and we're ready for it.

See you soon at the farmstand - we will be open 9-6 every day (weather permitting) starting Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

1930s Brainard Zip Sloop

Some days, the best thing to do is have a few people over, pull out the Brainard Zip Sloop, and donate it to a local private museum.

This sloop had been made in Clinton of native lumber in the 1930s and had been sitting in our barn for almost a half-century after Kingsley purchased it for a sail that never happened.