Monday, January 23, 2012

The Wonder of Winter

We finally got our first snowfall of the season this weekend.  The children and the "farmer turned snowplow driver" were enjoying their time outside.  Living in New England has the distinction of beautiful changes in the season that offer something for everyone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Veterinarian Visit

 One of the tribulations of farming is when animals become ill, it's at this point we wish we were only raising plants.  A sick plant is not as emotionally taxing as a sick animal.

Our first call was to friend and Jersey cow breeder, Melynda Naples, from Deerfield Farm, Durham, CT. Often diagnosis goes beyond the capabilities of the farmers.
When animals are raised on a small family farm, it is difficult not to become attached in some way.  A necessary component of animal husbandry is a visit from the veterinarian.
Unlike pet ownership, a visit from a large animal vet requires a visit to the farm. There are very few vets in our area who offer this service. We greatly enjoy and respect our mobile Veterinarian, Dr. Jen Hall, of Coastal Valley Veterinary Services 
We combine the visit with a physical for our new Maremma, livestock guard dog, Ursa
and rabies vaccinations.
We will keep you posted on the prognosis of our sick calf.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Buying Seeds and 2012 CSA/Farm Share Enrollment

This is the time of year when our 2012 season begins.  We look ahead to the growing months, study the copious notes of 2011, and try to select and purchase the right combination of seeds and supplies.  Some seeds are relatively inexpensive, some heirloom varieties are surprisingly expensive, and a few needed seeds aren't available at any price.

This activity, both exciting and even nerve-wracking, is one reason we appreciate so much those people who sign up early for the 2012 CSA/Farm Share.  As is the model of Community Supported Agriculture/ Farm Share, early funds go into purchases such as these, that will help ensure the best possible quality and quantity of crops come  June, July, and beyond. 

Kingsley painfully separates the seeds from the flower Malope Trifidia, which is almost impossible to buy in the quantity required.

We buy heirloom variates and others that can be grown as naturally as possible. 

For those who are interested in signing up for our 2012 CSA/Farm Share, or for more information, contact us at  Also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions Document by clicking here and our Enrollment Document by clicking here.  If you are unable to open the document, email us and we will send you one.