Monday, June 20, 2011

Heaven On A Plate: A Recipe For Greens - Bruschetta style

Elise has worked here since she was five (17 years ago!), she would tag along with her big brother at the time picking flowers and making bouquets.  This is her favorite recipe for using spinach and swiss chard (or any other dark, leafy greens you may have on hand).  Upon the insistence of her enthusiasm we tried it and now it’s one of our favorites as well.  We hope you like it too:

Saute garlic and onions in a little olive oil till transparent; add spinach or swiss chard and cook till wilted (you could also add roasted almonds, dried cherries or dried cranberries at this point).  While the greens are wilting, slice a loaf of bread (this could be a baguette or a loaf of Italian bread – we use Ciabatta) lengthwise into two pieces, put the pieces in the oven till warm and toasty.  When the bread comes out of the oven, either crumble or spread goat cheese on top; spoon onion/garlic/greens mixture over the goat cheese.  You may add chopped tomatoes as your finishing touch.   Yummy!

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