Monday, June 20, 2011

A View From the Field

Claire picking collards for shareholders

Kingsley inspecting the crops

Recording,  planning,
Timing the seasonal crops 

The fields are starting to show some real color, with Snapdragons Salvia and Zinnia buds bursting the rows of green foliage. With the solstice, the summer crops have begun some real growth but alas many of the greens and lettuce will be coming to an end until the fall.

Although we have been picking cucumbers for shareholders and market for a couple of weeks, those have all been fruit with the help of the greenhouse. Those from the field are still a few weeks away.

We have been feeding an unusual number of young squash and sunflower transplants to a wood chuck family that has even been able to outsmart the dogs, Perhaps we need a Dachshund rather than a pair of Maremmas.

The season remains ten days to two weeks behind most years here on the shore line, but that can change as we get into the heat of the summer.

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  1. Love the blog and photos. I can't wait to visit this summer!