Saturday, April 1, 2017

5 signs that Spring is here. . .

After 11 snow storms this winter, most felt Spring was never coming.  Here are 5 signs that Spring is near at Barberry Hill Farm:

1.  We're getting stuck in the mud with every step. . .hence much shoveling.

2.  The chickens have finally started laying again and we're collecting eggs by the bucket fulls.

3.  The sap buckets are overflowing with sap from the maple trees and keep us running from bucket to bucket.

4.   The heirloom tomato seedlings that have been growing in the house have reached the point they  need to move to the greenhouses.

5.  Eggs are hatching and chicks are peeping.

March - comes in like lion - goes out like a lamb (or so they say).

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