Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Rainy October Day at the Farm - Rewaxing the Outerwear

Rain on the farm tamps field work.  But we save up some activities to take advantage of the inclement conditions.. 

One such activity is rewaxing the coats and overalls for winter.  This task keeps the waxed cotton garments in service, rain-proof and thorn-proof, for many more years. We do this every fall in preparation for winter.

First, we heat the wax dressing to soften it.. 

Then we rub it in thoroughly, paying special attention to the seams.  Soft rags work well.  We let it dry for at least 24 hours and then rub off the excess wax.

It is not the worst way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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  1. Kelly, everything looks fantastic! You wouldn't be able to tell that Irene came and was tearing up trees left right and center. We've spoken to Dan, and he said that he had a great time, an obvious outcome after staying on Barberry!

    5 onezies are currently being considered and sized up, yes 5! Dont think that we're letting Kingsley off of the hook, we might even make his a nice cosy reindeer one...

    Really miss the farm (and Ursa) but things over here are still going okay, just a bit too much work for my liking!

    Love to you, Kingsley, the boys, Grace and the dogs from Scotland.

    Ross :)