Monday, October 17, 2011

Five Signs that Fall has Arrived on Barberry Hill Farm

Here are five signs that fall has arrived on Barberry Hill Farm.

1. The Turkeys are Getting Ready for Thanksgiving and Meat Birds are Plumping Nicely; Both are Ready for Orders

A 29 Pound Turkey

2 Pound Cornish Rock Hens

2. Fall Flowers are Out

Brightening up our Farm Stand

3. We are Scoping Out the Best Materials for Christmas Wreaths for the Winter Markets..

Doing Some Test Wreaths

Putting Our Old Boxes to Use (and they will get a third use when we ship out our handmade wreaths)
We are taking orders for custom wreaths, which we also ship.  They will also be available at our stand and farmers markets, starting just after Thanksgiving. 

4. Pumpkins are Everywhere

5. Ursa Gets Even More Playful (according to me)/ Annoying (according to Bear)

Bear is Patient

Ursa Exercising the Pastured Turkeys

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