Monday, September 1, 2014

Second Honey Extraction

The first honey extraction was the beginning of July - the bees were busy through July and August making hundreds of pounds of honey.  With the unusually cool nights we experienced the end of August, the bees ate more of their honey than we expected, leaving not as much for us as we had hoped (but still enough to share!).

There are always a number of bees that follow the trays into the house.

The honey is darker this time of year with a richer flavor - we can thank the summer flowers for that. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Country Wedding: Sarah + Chant

Sarah and Chant came from New York City to get married at Barberry Hill Farm.  They wanted a wedding filled with charm, whimsy and a sense of tranquility.


There were lawn games for all ages.


And plenty of farm animals to admire and learn about.

Wishing you both a life filled with health and happiness - congratulations Sarah + Chant!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

An Ambitious Chicken and Other Farm Goings-On

Stop by the farm at any moment and there are almost always interesting things going-on.  At 1:30 today...

Fresh produce and flowers were being sold...

A wedding was a few hours away...

Chickens were going about their chicken business...

...including our beautiful barred rock rooster.

It was this white leghorn, however, that caught our attention.  Anyone who has spent any time around chickens understand how transparent their thought processes often are, and this chicken clearly had ambitions.

Having achieved its goals, so we thought, we expected it to scratch at the corn or hay.

But no, this hen wanted to be higher....

..and higher...
...and higher.

And she was eyeing those final bales. Whether or not her ambitions would be quenched at that point, we did not stick around to determine.

Repairs were being done...

And some tomatoes were being readied for the evening salad.