Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Surprises

Foxglove has always been the calendar for announcing summer.  Being a biennial, the surprise comes in guessing where we will see it growing from year to year.   Foxglove can grow in the pastures where the sheep graze, as they would never eat this poisonous beauty.

Our bees were very busy and quite happy this past Spring and surprised us with 150 pounds of honey weeks earlier than we expected.  Our CSA members will be receiving some this week with their share and the rest will be for sale.

Trays are collected from the hives

The wax is gently scraped to open the cells containing the honey

The trays are then placed in the extractor to spin the honey out

The jars are filled

The honey changes color with the seasons, this honey is very light and tastes incredible

The motorists along Rt. 1 were quite surprised by horses pulling a carriage down this historic street.  No, it is not Lancaster Country...

... but rather a bride on her way to Barberry Hill Farm to wed her waiting groom.

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