Sunday, May 24, 2015

CSA Members: Stop By!

Barberry Hill Farm is lucky to have an active and supportive community of CSA members.  This is an open invitation to all of our members to stop by.  We are working towards the first CSA pickup, in what is looking like the middle to the end of June.

Crops are being watered.

We continue our commitment to use leaves and other non-chemical methods to grow your food.

And no pesticides and herbicides mean other visitors, such as the robin below, will not consume the chemicals either.

The new greenhouse is providing some shelter from the unseasonably cold week.

And we are happy to be hosting some friend's bees as well.  Given the national crisis around dwindling bee populations, we are more pleased than ever that since relocating to our farm, these hives have thrived.

All of this activity has not dwindled our commitment to our community, including planting some new grass on the town green.

And if CSA members need a final reason to stop by, it is to see (and take pictures of) the poultry.  It may be impossible to take a bad picture of the ducks!

So we continue to thank our CSA community for their support, and look forward to providing you with the freshest produce, sometime before the first days of summer.  (Don't worry - we will send out email reminders!)

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