Saturday, July 19, 2014

Extracting Honey

She has been involved in extracting honey since she was 1.
Barberry Hill Farm became the new home for some bees who had been, for some reason, dying in their old home.  The bees have thrived, pollinating local crops and making honey.  Today some of that honey was extracted.

Setting Up the Extractor

They had put in the bee escape boards a few days ago.  These are one-way doors to encourage the bees to vacate the top frames.

Smoke reduces the activity level of the bees.

Nephrology Researcher by Day;  Entomologist/Bee Keeper in his Spare Time.  He eschews the clumsy gloves, as he feels they get the bees worked up.     

The few remaining bees are blown off. 

And yes, a few bees did follow that truck.

The walls are broken to allow the honey to flow.

The honey is strained, and strained, and strained again.

The first honey of the season. 

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