Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sunflowers of Autumn

Early fall is the best time of year - this is when we are able to fully accept the rewards of our hard work during Spring and Summer.  The corn is never as sweet in the summer as it is in the fall; the peppers are finally turning red after growing for many months; the winter squash is ripe for picking and there is no need to worry about pulling weeds like we did in the past.  However, it's the warm glow of the sunflowers that is reminiscent of Summer.

Of the many different sunflowers that we have grown over the years, we have selected five of our favorites varieties:  Sunbright Supreme, Sunbright Supreme Golden Yellow, Sonya, Soroya and the Henry Wilde.

The Sunbright Supreme is one of our favorite single cut, large, long lasting sunflower varieties.

The Supreme Yellow Gold is a new variety with double rows of petals and a chocolate center.

Sometimes you can find them growing in the strangest places.

From our fields to your home.

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