Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Produce

Here is some of the local produce available (in some cases via cold frames or greenhouses), and how we prepare it (simply):
  • Carrots: grated in salads; steamed as side dish; chopped in stews
  • Broccoli:  steamed as side dish; sauteed in broccoli/pasta dish
  • Rhubarb:  stewed and served over ice cream
  • Beets:  steamed whole with skins on (to preserves nutrients) then peeled, sliced, and lightly buttered
  • Strawberries:  eaten raw (and, in this case, mostly eaten before we took this photograph!)
  • Cucumbers:  raw and sliced in salads or just used for grazing
  • Asparagus:  steamed and lightly buttered as side dish
  • Lettuce:   raw in salads
  • Spinach (not shown): steamed and lightly buttered as side dish

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