Sunday, March 4, 2012

Learning at Lumen Christi

We at Barberry Hill Farm are committed to producing the highest quality vegetables and other farm products. This means that we have to continually learn.  While we can do a lot of it through books and chat rooms, we occasionally also take field trips to neighboring (or not so neighboring) farms.

One trip that we recently took was to Lumen Christi in Benson, Vermont.  The Sisters of Mercy own Lumen Christi and run it as a spiritual retreat and organic farm.   Sister Holly for years has volunteered at Barberry Hill, and now is running Lumen Christi with Sister Leslie.  She invited us up for an information exchange on sustainability and crop optimization.

   The west pasture plans, formerly grazed by dairy calves.
Remodeling the sheep barn

A visit to the sleeping hives.

Grace, partial to the kid Alpines

Located adjacent to the property is the Christ Sun of Justice Catholic Church. 

The hand-carved door depicted scenes from the farm.

Each month was represented in carving.

Sister Holly and Sister Leslie arranged for a learning dinner with famous author John Fedor- Cunningham and naturalist David Fedor-Cunningham

John's book, Organic Gardening for the 21st Century an asset to anyone who cares even remotely how their food is grown.

Lumen Christi

 The village of Benson, Vermont has its own charm.

We also took the opportunity to visit the Book Dairy Farm in neighboring Fair Haven, Vermont.

The Book brothers milking parlor, handling 12 Holsteins at a set.


The Book brothers took time out from morning milking to pose with some future farmers.

Bruce Book proudly showing the 100% survival rate of calves using a modified hoop
house as a calf barn.

Traditional sap buckets awaiting deployment.

Even time to discuss hobbies.

We will miss all of our new friends.

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