Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Candlemas, Making Beeswax Candles

In the dark days of winter indoor activities, especially those that take place around the wood stove, hold great appeal.

Crafts are not really our forte, however this is one very easy , enjoyable craft which produces instant gratification and warm light through the darkness of winter.

We have long bought locally produced honey from friends who keep bees and were the grateful recipients of some extra sheets of pure honeycomb beeswax.  These candles are incredibly easy and fast to make, especially with friends.

First, divide the honeycomb sheet in half (by scoring it through bending and then tearing)

Hold the half sheet of wax over the heat of a wood-stove for only thirty seconds or so until it slightly softens.

Having measured and cut the wick, line it up on the edge of the wax sheet.

Tightly wrap the wick using even pressure through the palm of the hands.

The process is quick and relatively idiot-proof.

Hold the finished product over the heat once again, enough to soften and seal the finished edge.

Some will be put to use when we inevitably lose our power due to winter storms this year.

Inspected by the Maremma Sheepdog
Others will be wrapped up and given away.

And others still will be simply put on a mantel...

...these are elegant, dripless additions to any home

...bringing light and warmth to cold winter eves.

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