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Portrait Artist Clio Newton

I am reprinting the following article featuring our daughter Clio that ran on another website with their permission.
- Kelly

A Charcoal Drawing by Clio Newton
Even more than a tall case clock, more than a dining room table, more than a fireplace, it is the portraits that center a house, and even an institution.  They remind us of our place, and make us think about the people that came before us, and the people that will come after us.

Of course, finding the right portrait artist can be challenging.

When New York City's prestigious art school Cooper Union decided to commission drawings of all twelve of the institution's past presidents for permanent display at their New Academic Building,  they could have chosen anyone.  And they choose a graduate of theirs, Clio Newton.

Artist Clio Newton

Six of the twelve drawings that Clio Newton created for the 2011 Cooper Union Commission.

 Many have noted that Clio's work can combine portraiture and fine art.  As easy as it is to appreciate the Cooper Union work, her best commissions go much deeper to capture the spirit of her subjects.  

Clio also works in oils (the medium for her Yale Commission).

She can turn this...

...into this.

She does commissions for individuals as well (on average about one thousand dollars for drawings, five thousand for oils, but it depends on size and subjects).  While she prefers to take her own reference pictures of subjects, she also works from photographs. Email her here for more information.

She has done a few animals.

 And she holds her paint brushes like this:

In 2012, she also won the Elizabeth Greenshield's Fellowship Award, and a merit scholarship to the Florence Academy, Florence, Italy, where she attended from 2011 to 2013.

Here are examples of framing:

An Oil Painting by Clio Newton

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